Admission Process

Applications for admission may be accepted at any time for students transferring from American Diploma programs provided they will spend at least one semester in the school although this does not guarantee acceptance and enrollment into the school.
New applicants to grade 10 from Egyptian Language schools or other programs must apply no later than the end of October.
However, most applications are finished by the end of August of each year and available places are usually full by then.
Parents wishing to enroll their children in the school will be asked to follow the following general procedures:

  1.  Fill an application form in person.
  2.  After setting an appointment, the student must sit for an admissions test in English and mathematics.
  3. completion of the test, an appointment will be set for a personal interview with both the student and the parent. The interview is conducted by the school Principal or his/ her designee. The results of the interview are usually announced within one week.
  4. Provide all the necessary documents with the completed application form.
  5. Payment of tuition and fees.

All admission procedures are coordinated and handled by the office of admissions and student affairs.