1. To develop, implement and maintain a guaranteed and viable curriculum.

2. To develop and implement an effective computerized monitoring feedback system for student academic achievement.

3. Each student and teacher will be committed to leadership roles of responsibility within the school.

4. Each student and teacher will support the expectation of “English only “during instructional sessions.

5. To implement meaningful school involvement opportunities for parents and community involvement.

6. To establish a school environment which is safe, orderly and emphasizing the development of student responsibility.

7. To establish the norms of behavior and practices characteristic of an appropriate and effective collegian and profession school faculty.

8. To establish staff with the knowledge and skill to effectively apply an instructional framework for planning units and lessons that employ a set of research-based strategies.

9. To establish a safe and orderly learning environment emphasizing student responsibility.

10. To develop and apply the decisions of a curriculum “mapping” system to the daily classroom instructional planning \ delivery.

11. To construct and provide an effective training program for parent support toward student and school.

12. To develop and deliver programs which enrich background knowledge.

13. To develop and deliver language instruction which enriches English language vocabulary and skill proficiency.

14. Teachers will regularly embed motivational programs and strategies into their course design, delivery and assessment.