New Admissions 2020-2021

Step 1 :

Download & Fill in the Student Report posted on the school website
(available now)

Step 2 :

– You will be notified with the date and time of the interview for the child and parents.
– Make sure you submit all the required documents.

Step 3 :

On interview day, parents will be interviewed while the child receives his/her entry exam.

Step 4 :

The result will be announced before The first of July 2020.

Step 5 :

If accepted, you will be asked to pay the registration fees to ensure your child’s place at St.Peter’s School.
The registration fees are basically the 1st installment. St.Peter’s School does not require any “donation” fees.

Please send your request with the required attachments and we will reply accordingly:

1- Student Report
2- Birth certificate
3- Parent / legal guardian’s I.D
4- Parents / Graduation certificate
5- Certificate of Vaccinations & a copy of student medical records

# Originals will be required if the student is accepted.