Required documents

The following papers must be provided in order to complete the admisions process. Further documents may be required as the need arises due to changes that may occur in laws or due to individual cases.
The admissions office at the school will be glad to provide you with assistance.

1.    8 colored photos (size 4 x 6 cm)
2.    Birth certificate (original + 2 copy)
3.    Parent / legal guardian’s I.D (3 copy)
4.    Parent / last academic qualification ( 2 copy + Original for viewing )
5.    Copy of passport showing foreign status including residence visa (if applicable)
6.    Copy of official transcript and/or documents from previous schools attended including the certificate of completion of the preparatory stage or equivalent (grade 9).

# Originals will be required if the student is accepted.
7.    A signed original Transfer Certificate from the school most recently attended.
8.    A recent original for the receipt of utilities (electricity / gas) indicating the home address

9. Certificate of Vaccinations & a copy of student medical records