St. Peter’s School was established in 1970 by its late owner Mr. Ayad Ragheb Ayad in response to the great need of the Egyptian society for progress in education in the 1970s. The private sector being the cornerstone of any society, St. Peter’s School was founded as a proprietary school – initially part of Masr El Gadida School – to meet the social needs of the community it is currently serving.

Initial independent operations began in 1975 with the Arabic preparatory section, adding the secondary division in 1999.
The Language School division:
kindergarten, elementary and preparatory sections were added in 1979 with the secondary section added in 1999.

Developing successfully from year to year and receiving honorary certificates on various occasions for excellent work in different fields, the school’s efforts were crowned with the inauguration of the American Division approved by the Ministry of Education and the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA) in September 2003. Full accreditation was granted by CITA in June 2005.